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IRD Data Bulletin - July 2018


File Size @ 31/07/2018

The IRD Discovery Team continued to grow IRD Data at a rapid rate. Not only did they add additional companies and contacts at an impressive rate, they also augmented numerous records with key data points such as staff size, revenue, media and marketing agency relationships and in-depth company descriptions.

Total Companies: 69,290
Total Contacts: 66,794

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Verified Contacts

With literally thousands of phone calls, the Discovery Team continued its drive to keep IRD Data fresh and accurate. It goes without saying that data quality is essential for sales and marketing campaigns. You can rely on IRD Data.

Since July 1, 2018:
Contacts Checked: 6,842
Contacts Created: 2,504
Contacts Deleted: 417


Target for success

IRD Data can be targeted by industry, location, seniority and job function. So whether you’re looking for Finance Directors in NSW or IT Senior Managers in Tassie, you can tailor your request to get just the data you need.

Marketing Contacts: 18,176
IT Contacts: 8,574
C-Suite Contacts: 35,491


The real deal

The companies covered by IRD Data range from SMEs to large corporations, with over 90% having more than 50 staff, and over 85% having a turnover of at least $5m annually.

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